Open Call for Supporters of the Telecommunications Forum TELFOR

TELFOR is attended by everyone who in Serbia and the local region has significant results and interest in the fields of TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

Several dozens of participating companies were in some way involved in TELFOR activities during the last two decades, among which there were the greatest international telecommunications companies together with their local partners. The leading experts were presenting their views about the development and future of ICT fields. TELFOR has companies presentations, tutorials, workshops, round tables, social events, etc., as well as it’s very successful hardware, software and services exhibition. TELFOR regularly has a high number of participants, both individuals and companies. Several previous TELFORs were attended by around 2000 registered individual participants from all telecommunications’ segments. Typically, 300-400 thoroughly reviewed scientific and expert papers with 500-700 authors were presented each year.

Your Company is playing an important role and has the professional interest in the communications area. We invite you to be the SUPPORTER of the Telecommunications Forum TELFOR and to take part in this year TELFOR’s activities.

Any help or support is welcome, but the Organizers expect a support of:

  • minimum 250.000 RSD, or equivalent in Euros, from a MAIN SUPPORTER,
  • minimum 100.000 RSD, or equivalent in Euros, from a SUPPORTER,
  • minimum 50.000 RSD, or equivalent in Euros, from a FRIEND organization.

Please contact us by email to, or in writing to TELFOR address.
Within the TELFOR the Organizers will, when it is necessary and possible, ensure to the Supporting organizations the advantages with respect to other companies who are not Supporters. The Organizers will especially express their thanks to their Supporters in the written materials and actions in the preparation phase, but also within the course of TELFOR. TELFOR Supporters and Friends could for free present their products and activities by an A4 page space included to TELFOR CD Proceeding (page to be sent electronically before 5th November to Main TELFOR Supporters could also include their Logo to (Supporters page), connected to their own Internet page.

If you are interested in cooperation with TELFOR, please contact us (
It will be our pleasure to give you additional information.

Being sure that you will support TELFOR, we are sending to you in advance prepared contract, with attachments. Of course, we are ready to change the contract in accordance with your wishes. The payment is to be made to:

Bank Account Number (for payments in RSD): 160-19399-79
IBAN (for payments in Euros): /RS35160005080000790663
Name of the Account: "Telecommunications Society”, Belgrade, Serbia
Purpose of the payment: Support for TELFOR

According to the law, sponsoship support is not connected with the payments of goods and services. VAT is not applicable and tax evidence is not necessary. Supporter can make payment based on the signed contract, without an invoice.

Chair of the TS Steering Committee

Prof. Dr George Paunovic

Prof. Dr George Paunovic, Phone. +38164 6100100 , Fax +38111 3370159, email:
Danka Despotović, Phone +38164 1404461, Fax +38111 3248681, email:

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